Broccoli and bacon quiches

Buckwheat pasta (Pizzoccheri)

Cod Chowder
Cold creamy zucchini and mint soup with salmon and cod
Creamy carrot soup with coconut milk

Creamy potato soup with kingprawns and bacon
Creamy pumpkin and carrots soup with smoked salmon and hazelnuts
Cuttlefish stew
Gulasch Suppe 
Half-moonravioli with ricotta, lime, ginger and chives
Jools' sweet pea and prawn pasta

Lentil almond stew
Pumpkin and sausage risotto  
Quinoa and chard patties

Buckwheat crepe
Coconut Crusted Chicken Fish and chips 
Creamy lentils with king prawns and salmon Hazelnut-crusted cutlet
Roast beef, baby Yorkies, crispy potatoes and carrots, super-quick gravy
Salmon burger
Salmon nuggets
Salmon and swiss chard with lemon and mustard  
Stuffed cuttlefish  
Super hamburger
Thai style fish with curry-coconut souce 

Blueberries coffee cake
Buckwheat and almond cake
Buckwheat cookies 
Chocolate cake and salted caramel
Chocolate chip cookies with coconut oil 
Cocoa pie crust with lemon curd
Double chocolate and peanuts cookies  
Lemon and thyme muffin
Lemon cake
Liquorice panna cotta with lemon jelly 
Shortcrust pastry 
Sorghum pie crust
Vegan fudge 

Fried dough

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